Slate Roof Information

The features and benefits of slate roofing.

Slate roofing is where timeless elegance meets unparalleled durability. Slate is a symbol of longevity and sophistication and in this section we’ll discuss the features and benefits of slate roofs and answer frequently asked questions commonly asked by our customers.

How we repair a slate roof

Slate roof repairs It’s important to address any issues with your slate roof promptly to [...]

The Slate Tile Roof Installation Process

Slate roofing installation. With years of experience working with slate roofing materials, our skilled professionals [...]

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Slate roof types

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FAQs about slate roofs

Slate roofing involves using slate, a durable, natural stone, as the primary roofing material.

Copper down pipes and gutters

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Why use a slate roof specialist.

We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience working specifically with slate roofing materials and we [...]

Solar panels on a slate roof?

Can solar panels be installed on a slate roof? With careful planning it’s possible to [...]

Slate roof benefits and advantages

Slate roofs are incredibly durable and can last for a century or more with proper [...]