slate roofs sydney

Slate Roofs Sydney

Slate roofing involves using slate, a durable, natural stone that can last over 100+ years.  Slate comes in various colours and textures. It can be customised to suit different architectural styles, making it a popular choice for high-end properties.

Slate Roof Replacement

Replacing an existing slate roof with a new one, or upgrading a Colorbond or tile roof with slate, has many benefits for homeowners offering long-term value and performance, making it a wise investment for those seeking quality and peace of mind.

Slate Roof Restorations

Slate roof restorations involve the process of revitalising and renewing a slate roof to ensure its longevity and functionality. Restorations typically address issues such as damaged or missing slates, deteriorated flashing, leaking seams, and possibly structural damage.

Slate Roof Installation

Slate roof installations involve skilfully installing slates to create a durable and weather-resistant, roofing system. The installation process begins with preparing the roof deck and sarking, followed by laying the slates in overlapping rows using traditional installation methods.

Slate Roof Repairs

Maintaining your slate roof is crucial to safeguard your home against potential damage. We have the expertise and resources to undertake all slate roof repairs – no matter the size or scale of the project.